today I patched an OES SP1 server with rug (rug pin oes:*). After the
update the server still booted the old kernel. I changed the bootloader
from LILO to GRUB and now the boot stops after the LILO-Menu and
printing "Linux..............................."

The server is Intel SE7320VP2, LSI Megaraid SATA RAID Controller, 3 disks
in an RAID5. I installed EVMS as volume manager because I need to have
Linux and the NSS volumes on the same disk.
I noticed that LILO was installed by default, and not, as usual GRUB.
When I tried to configure the bootloader via Yast, I received an error
message: "LBA32 mode not enabled" or something like this.
When I changed the bootloader to GRUB, I also received an error,
unfortunatly it only said "GRUB ERROR".

When I try to perform a repair in the Installation menu, it only finds
unknown partitions.
When I boot a rescue-system and start evmsn, I can see the 2 evms
partitions (sys and swap) and my nss-partition. With Portlock Manager I
find the NSS partition and a LVM-Partition with the size of my evms-
I think that I only ruined my masterboot-record, but I have no idea how to
repair it.
Did anybody have a similar problem? Any ideas, how I can repair my server
and bring it up again.

Thanks in advance

guenther kerndl