Any updates on the official word of rug pin vs rug update? I know the
docs say rug pin, but I've yet to find a patch update that hasn't also
been put in the general red-carpet repository, and I have serious issues
with the rug pin method for several reasons:

1. Ignores red-carpet package locks (was burned on a server that
required a custom kernel. I locked the package in red carpet, but rug
pin overwrote it anyways)
2. Doesn't do dependency checking (been burned by the NSS dependencies a
couple times on this one)
3. Difficult to find individual patches (have to look up the patch
number rather than just by package name)
4. Double-install duty (have to install software with rug install first
and then patch it with rug pin, not an issue anymore with everything
being placed in repository)

I guess I'm just asking if there is any compelling reason *not* to use
rug update over rug pin other than the fact that Novell says you
shouldn't, because I have had zero problems updating my development
servers using rug update, and thats more than I can say for rug pin.

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks