I have upgraded my OES SP1 server with SP2, the upgrade seemed to go fine.
Now when I boot the server (which is a testserver by the way, so no
production issue) the server hangs when loading NSS.
I can then only switch the server off for it to start, I can only ping it,
no ssh login or anything.
I have removed the starting of NSS from the server, now it boots normally,
but without NSS.
When I then manually start NSS I get this:

/etc/init.d/novell-nss start

Starting Novell Storage Services (NSS)
insmod(ing) nwraid.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) admindrv.ko kernel module
Creating /dev/admindrv major_number=254
insmod(ing) libnss.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) linuxmpk.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) nsslnxlib.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) nsslibrary.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) nss.ko kernel module
insmod(ing) ndpmod.ko kernel module
Starting ndpapp daemon
insmod(ing) nsscomn.ko kernel module

And then the server hangs again, there are no errors logged in

How do I get NSS running again?