I'm having a peculiar problem on OES

I have 2 raid packs configured as:
/dev/sda3 / reiserfs
and an lvm pool
/dev/system/resdata /resdata reiser
The second partition also has an nfs mount point on it and is configured as
an ncp share

This system was working fine until a reboot when the server started to hang
when loading nfs.

At this point I could then only boot to Rescue so I removed the nfs scripts
and the system came up, however the lvm partition is not mounted.

reiserfsck reports that the lvm partition is fine and lvdisplay and lvscan
both show the lvm partition waiting to be mounted.

The only indications that could relate that I could see in messages were:
1) Kernel BUG at /fs/reiserfs/journal.c:2390 - followed by a stack trace
2) /etc/init.d/boot.d/s09boot.localfs line 216: 2950 Segmentation fault
mount -av -t nonfs,nproc,nodevpts,nosmbfs -O no_netdev

Incase it was being caused by the Kernel bug I have now upgraded to OES SP2
with identical errors occurring.

manually trying to mount /dev/system/resdata /resdata hangs the mount command.