We are about to dump Win2K and NW6.5 for Suse OES SP2. Due to some
software that needs AD (and politics) I still need AD, but it will be on
Win2K3. I'll be using IDM for the sync'ing between the two (depending on
the answers to this question).

I know I can use the Novell client to have proper NSS access and
directory authentication and that does not require Samba to be used. I
know I can NOT use the Novell client and use Samba for file access and
authentication from MS XP Pro clients.

Can I use NSS in conjunction with Samba? Politics from a petty and
stupid VP requires not using the Novell client, but I need the
granularity of NSS. Can it be done? Is there any links on how to do it?
I've been unsuccessful at finding anything.