I have a two node OES cluster. Or, used to have. Last week, one of the
nodes was restarted and when it came up again, it refused to join the
cluster or start the Novell Cluster Service.

Further investigation reveals that the adminfs and kernel packages has been
upgraded, probably due to a patch in the OES channel, to version
2.6.5_7.244. I've noticed that in order to start everything successfully,
these packages must always be at the same version level.

However, the bigsmp kernel package for 2.6.5_7.244 doesn't seem to include
the Novell Cluster Services modules needed to start the cluster; it only
seems to contain the NSS modules.

Could someone verify if I've understood the situation correctly and give me
some advice on how to rectify the problem. My current thinking is that I
should back down to a previous version of the kernel and adminfs packages,
but this is obviously just a last resort since the kernel upgrade might
well have contained security patches that would then be lost.