> I was exchanging email with Sean Jones & asked him how his migration to
> bookworm was going, to which he expressed surprised. I thought we had
> decided to move research applications toward bookworm and leave classes
> on ntcommlinux, & I thought I had mentioned this to Sean but I could be
> wrong. What's your recollection of what we planned to do and should do?
> There might need to be a bit of additional configuration on bookworm
> for Sean's stuff if we move it, I guess, such as his cron jobs, etc.,
> but I'll bet most of the software and tools he needs are already in both
> places?

I hadn't heard anything about this, and a quick search of my email
archive doesn't turn up anything. In any case, if it is a wireless
research project I would recommend he move them over to bookworm as
he'll get better performance.

Most everything should be in place, so he should be good to go.

Justin Grote
Network Architect
JWG Networks