I try to configure a second nic card in a OES SP2 server with a well
running NDS.

The first Nic ( is linked to an intranet network
and the second ( has to be connected to a DMZ
Ichain system...

1) When I reboot the server, I get during the boot sequence the
following error after a "certain" -quite long- delay: "Novell eDirectory
LDAP server TCP port is not listening"...

Could it be linked with this already discussed problem of "LDAP hard
coded to use all interfaces" (thread 28/04/2005 in install forum)?

Does somebody has find a workaround for this problem? has an enhacement
request be done?

2) After the boot, when I browse NDS services (iManager etc) using the
"name server", I can't get them.

Using instead the first IP address , it works...

The "Ping name server" answers with the new address

Is it the order the nic are binded? Is there a way to change this order?
is it based on the MAC and so the filename in sysconfig/network
alphanumeric order?

Thanks for help

Kind regards