We use NSS on a OES Linux Server (OES SP2) and have install the Apache2
We set the home Dir of the Apache2 server to the NSS Volume. This works
So, if we start the OES Server, then Apache service could not start, because
nss is not up yet.
I change the order of the scripts in the /etc/init.d/rc.5 (also in rc.3)
folder with renaming the symbolic link from the default value S16novell-nss
to S15novell-nss. Apache2 is defined also with S16-apache but it will
starting earlier becaus of the alphabetic orders.

This works fine just to the time, i make changes in YAST.
YAST write back the default symbolic links for the novell-nss service back
to S16novell-nss and on the next restart, Apache will not start!

Is there a way to prevent this!
Can we change the default value for the symbolic link to novell-nss?