I have a LUM enabled OES Linux SP2 box that is being used as a web
server. It is not in production yet. What I would like to do is have
a symlink created in the users' home dirs when they are created that
links to the DocumentRoot of the vhost for our main website that is
located on that same box. Let's say /srv/www/vhost/ is the dir. I'm
kinda new to multi-user linux systems, mostly I've admined my own box
where I was the only one logging in. There is still going to be a very
low number of users on this, but I like to automate things where I can.
Now I know in Windows I would just copy any files that I wanted to be
put in a new user's profile in the "C:\Documents and Settings\Default
User\" dir. How can I do this with OES Linux? Thanks.