After not being able to serve get Apache to see an NSS share, I
reformatted the drive with reiserfs. Now I have can get apache to see
it as the documentroot for a vhost. I have shared this dir out via NCP
so my users can get to it via a mapped drive. I have
Inherit_POSIX_Permissions and Enable_Archive_Bit options on. When a
LUM enabled user creates a file via the NCP share, it sets this file to
being owned by the user and the root group, and 744 rights. Is there a
way to make it where the file is owned by either the user's default
group and give that group rw rights, or give another group, like
admingroup, ownership with rw rights? One way would be to cronjob it
to chgrp and chmod it every 5 minutes, but I was hoping for something
more elegant. I know that NSS was supposed to fix this, but I couldn't
get apache to read anything on my nss volume, kept getting 403 errors.