Hi all,

I migrating Windows NT environment to OES/Linux and ZENworks.

I am figuring out a method for authenticating remote users that access
multiple sites to each site's OES Server, I want also to make this
operation transparent to the user without any action from him.

My Planned Environment as follows:

1- OES/Linux SP2 + ZENworks v7 on the same server
2- 3 sites each one located in different city
3- Each site has OES/Linux SP2 installed with ZENworks7 DM on the same

My Current NT Environment as Follows:

1- Windows NT v4 Server act as PDC located at HQ site.
2- Windows NT v4 Server act as BDC at other sites.
3- Remote users when travel from site to another automically authenticate
to the nearest and efficient server without any action from the user (Just
specifing the username and password).

In my testing lab, I installed OES/Linux SP2 on servers and WinXP SP2 on
Workstations, Workstations has ZENworks Agents, Novell Client, iPrint
Client and iFolder client.

Both Novell Client and ZENworks Agent Login need user action to select
context or middle tier server in case of multiple sites in order to login
and authenticate.

I think it should be visible to authenticate users in multiple sites to
each site server without any action from the user but the question is how??

after hanging out through documentation, I am think of trying eDirectory
Contextless login but I am not sure if it's the convenient method or not
since contextless will just provide user context but not which server to
authenticate to.

also, I found in documentation that ZENworks is the efficient way to
authenticate users regading multiple sites but i couldn't found more

I need a method for authenticating remote users travling among sites with
nearest site server to them transperantly without any action from the user.

thanks in advance