after rebooting my OES SP2 Linux box, after running it fine for several
days, now I get apache2 novell-xsrvd and some Coldfusion init scripts
fail on boot. After eDir loads and I can get to a command prompt I log
in as root and can start apache and the coldfusion scripts fine. But
when I try to start novell-xsrvd I get the following error:
Starting novell-xsrvd...start_daemon: No such user or user id:


I don't seems to have a novlxsrvd user in the same container as wwwrun
user, so did this user get deleted? What's the deal and how do I fix
it? Also, since apache and those other scripts are running as wwwrun,
and they are coming up before eDir in the boot process, how can I get
them to wait until after eDir loads? Why all of a sudden does Apache
and these other init scripts want to load before eDir? Thanks.