OES Linux SP2 with SUSE Firewall turned on with these port 524 and 123
open (as well as others). At first my OES Linux and NW 6.5 SP4a
(replica master) communicate fine, but after a while, sometimes they
can't communicate to each other to the point where iManager on my OES
Linux box does function and dsrepair time sync doesn't see the OES
Linux box. If I restart eDir on my OES Linux box (rcndsd restart) it
still can't communicate, but if I turn off the SUSE Firewall and
restart eDir everything is happy again. I can even turn the SUSE
Firewall back on and everything works. Given I've only had this server
in production for a few days and this has only happened maybe 2 times
I'm not too concerned about it unless it starts happening every couple
of days. Could this possibly be a timeout issue for the firewall rules
that SUSE Firewall is passing netfilter? Could it be timing out NCP
connections to my replica master? If so, would it be advisable to go
to a more full featured firewall frontend like shorewall? Either way,
I believe Novell needs to look at this. Thanks for the help.