Our OES / SLES9 server shut down abruptly yesterday due to a power
problem. When it came back up the file system was corrupted. A Linux
consultant talked me through running fsck.reiserfs to rebuild the file
system, after which the server booted normally (apparently).

However, I can no longer map a drive to the "SYS volume" on the server
(/usr/novell/sys) from my Windows workstation. Previously I could use
the Novell Client to map a drive to
\\<treename>\.<servername>_SYS.<containername> but now this no longer
works. I get a "path could not be found" error.

I have a NetWare background and very little Linux experience and I don't
know where to begin to troubleshoot this. A Novell support incident now
costs $650 (and no more CNE discount) so I thought I'd inquire here first.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Doug Percival, CNE
LAN Administrator
World Resources Institute
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Fax: 202-729-7610
Email: dougp@wri.org