Hey Everyone,

We have a few OES Linux machines in a test environment running eDir and i see that eDir somehow log's all users last logon event...
I know that in traditional linux/unix all the logon events are stored in
/var/log/wtmp and somehow that info is put in to eDir with OES Linux.
Since we will have people logging into at least 2 different machines
(most likely more)I would like to keep track of the users who have not
logged in after X number of days and disable their account...

My question is: is there any way to pull the logon events from eDir and
find out the last time each user had logged in to any of the machines in
eDir??? maybe ldapsearch ? I know that we could do some fancy rsync
stuff with transferring the wtmp files but I would rather not do that...

Any help would be appreciated!