Ok, I am an absolute newbie to linux.

I can get around some of the stuff but I'm not at all familiar with the
vagaries of NFS mounting stuff.



I have a shiny new installation of OES on Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9
I installed last night. The install went without a hitch (to my complete
and it joined into the existing OES/Netware 6.5 tree with no issues that I
can see. It's SYS volume is accessible and seems to accept permissions etc
from the
eDirectory ok. I can read/write to it from a Novell Client workstation just


We have an Ingrasys NAS server that runs SMB/NFS and other things.

We wish to use this for backups - server direct to NAS to utilise the
gigabit backbone - but
it has no means to speak directly to Netware boxes except by NFS.
I'm still trying to get the NFS gateway on NW6.5 working but since I have a
Linux box now
I thought it should be possible to mount the NAS filesystem and then serve
it as Netware via
the OES server on the Linux box.

The Ingrasys instructions apparently assume you fully understand this
UID/GID stuff and how it works
but it makes little sense to me, particularly in how that works for external
systems accessing it remotely. I really would like some guidance from others
who have doubtless done this as to what to put in there, ie UID/GID settings

I found the NFS Client in YAST ok, and gave it the IP of the Ingrasys and it
(apparently) found it as
it gave me the list of exported file systems without any argument. Picked
one. It doesn't ask for a
username/password or UID?GID (and I've no idea what one to give it if it
Mount options are default.
Needless to say it didn't mount.
Got the error

"Unable to mount the entries from /etc/fstab"
Which is about as informative as 'General Protection Error"

YAST 'Help' consists of 'Read MAN Mount(8)'

Well, I tried but it might as well be in Arabic because much of
what it says doesn't break in clear to me.

What should I be putting here?


Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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