So here is my problem... I currently have a test OES SP2 cluster and
both machines in the cluster have a root file system of 3GB... when i
run rug pin --entire-channel oes I dont have enough space on / (right
now it requires 3.04GB) as shown in the error below...
Download complete
Transaction failed: Insufficient disk space: 3.04g needed in /
myhost:~ #

So I have been looking for ways to force rug to use a different file
system other then / to install the patches with no luck... Then i tried
rug update and there is a conflict with the clustering service
patches... Here is the error...
Transaction failed: Unable to complete RPM transaction:
file /sbin/cluster conflicts between attempted installs of
novell-cluster-services-1.8.2-39 and novell-cluster-services-cli-1.0.20-1
myhost:~ #

anyway around either of these issues?