I am trying to install GW7 on an OES SP2 linux server. I installed ConsoleOne and it looks like it installed fine. But when I go to log into console one it errors out and kicks me out. Before I get the login screen though I noticed a message in the terminal screen that said "/var/novell/nici/nicimud no such file or directory". After looking around some more it looks like C1 comes with nici version 2.6.8 and Yast says I have nici version 2.7.0-0.01 installed so it didnt install nici with the C1 install. I cant find a nicimud file anywhere on my server and dont even have a /var/novell/nici directory.

Has anyone else encountered this? Should I remove 2.7 and reload 2.6.8? I am not even 100% sure if this is why C1 is crashing when I try to login to the tree but Its the most obvious thing that doesnt look right.

Thanks for any help.

Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.