hi @all,

i want to export the graphical display from an open enterprise server to my
local suse 9.2 workstation.

what i've done until now:
- suse wrk: xhost ip-address of the server and afterwards xhost + (because
i thought this is the reason)

- on the oes:
a) unload java
b) ENV DISPLAY={ip-address of my workstation}
c) startx

then i should see the graphical console of the oes, but nothing happens.
when i look at the logger screen there is the following message "
Can't open display on wrk-ip:0.0. X must be running and $DISPLAY must be set"

I've got ":0.0" as result of typing echo $DISPLAY at the suse prompt, so
this variable should be set.

Further investigation on that problem leeds me to enable the tcp ports for
If I execute the command "netstat -an | grep :6000" I 've got a result, so
these ports are listening.

But the problem still exists, so can anybody out there tell me where is my
mistake? Or isn't it possible to export a display from an oes to another

Thanks in advance!