We have been Netware-user for over 10years.
Currently we run nw6.5 SP5 and ZfD7

As services we user Authentication, file and print. The future will lead
us more into iFolder, wlan-access, ZfD and workstation management.
Software distribution and computer policy-control.
On workstation we will still base it on Windows-platform because of some
special software.
We are a "high school" organisation.

Novell is using big time to develope SUSE OES and i have downloaded OES10
for testing.
This is a pure Linux-distro with nothing from Netware. I tought Novell
will base everything on eDirectory, but this is something we can implement
as an extra service.

What is the real point with SUSE OES?
Is it less expencive to buy and run?
Will it take over for Netware?
Is it better than Netware in security?

What is the advantage with SUSE OES?

And why doesnt SUSE OES contain eDirectory out-of-box?

I did a try to download eDir8.8 for Linux and install it om OES10, but it
didnt work.
Is there some Guide for Dummies for installing eDir on SUSE OES?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway
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