We've set up an OES SP2 server to run GroupWise. All the volumes on the
server are Reiser, and GroupWise is running beautifully. However, I need
to give access to the GroupWise domain directory for user administration.

I've setup up LUM and I've created an NCP share called "GRPWISE",
pointing to /usr/novell/grpwise. I can access this without any problems,
but any file I create is owned by me with 744 permissions (rw-r--r--).
Therefore, any GroupWise administration sticks a file in the wpcsin/2
folder that the GroupWise agents don't have permission to read, and the
MTA jams to a halt.

I've the section on "Inherit POSIX permissions" in the lx_ncp guide, but
this doesn't seem to be working: I've given a test folder 766
(rwxrw-rw-) permissions, but a file created via NCP below that is still
given 744.

Can anyone advise? This is causing me big problems, we can't do any GW
admin without manually chown'ing or chmod'ing the files each time.