Hi again,

Looking into using the Server Migration and Consolidation toolkit to move
our data (and users?) from the old Netware 5.0 servers, and came across the
following para from http://www.novell.com/documentation/scmt/;

"8.2.8 Understanding the Need for Linux Enabling Users
When you use the Server Consolidation Utility to copy data from NetWare
servers to NSS volumes on an OES Linux server, it transfers the NetWare
trustee rights and supported file and directory attributes along with the
files. However, in order to preserve file ownerships, the users must be
Linux enabled (also known as LUM enabled because the process involves the
Linux User Management service in OES).

To become Linux or LUM enabled, an eDirectory User object must be
associated with an eDirectory Group object, which is in turn associated
with an eDirectory Linux Workstation object that represents the physical
Linux workstation/server. The Group object is necessary because NSS on
Linux uses Virtual File Services (VFS), which requires both a User ID and a
Group ID to authorize access."

Question: How can I import the users from Netware 5.0 to retain rights,
without having to recreate them all in the new OES Linux tree? Also, I am
unclear as to what needs to done in order to set LUM enable users. Would
like someone to confirm if this is correct;

Thank you all for your help.