I'm trying to extend a filesystem, I created on a LVM logical volume. The
first partition of the volume group is located on a SAN virtual disk. I
thought it was a good idea just to make this virtual disk a little bit
larger, because this is easily done in the SAN Management System. So I came
to my first problem: the server didn't know that this device was now larger.
In a post some days ago, I asked for way to let the server know, without
rebooting, but there seems to be no way, so I rebooted.

Then the server knew, there was space for new partition on this device. I
created a second primary partition an added it to already existing volume
group, using yast in text mode.
My next step was to resize the logical volume that contains my data. When I
did this, the server complained, that he could not resize a mounted
filesystem. Ok, I unmounted the filesystem, but again I was not able. I was
told by an error message, that it would be best to reboot the server and
then try it again. Ok, I rebooted, stopped all services and unmounted the
file systen. But again yast would not resize the file system on the logical
volume. Nevertheless it resized the logical volume, but the additional space
seems to be of no use. So I come to my question: How can I get the file
system on this logical volume, to use all the space of the logical volume?

Any advice is welcome

Manfred Herteux