Hi all
I have a problem in my OES-SP2 linux server,
on this server I have installed and configured :
- ZENworks 7 Desktop Mgmt
- Samba 3.0.20b as BDC and file share server
- a backup script runs every 1 hour
- kaspersky antivirus updater runs every 2 h.
- kaspersky AV scanner runs every day

nearly every one week the server load increases and no one can access the
server for the services: eDirectory related services and ZENworks, Samba
shares, and the solution is to restart the server.
I configured a script executed every 15 minutes to run vmstat, free, uptime
all hard disk and memory oad values always display normal values, but CPU
load average gives me before the server hang values between 1.5 to 2.8
(knowing that the server is dual processor)

enabling the process accounting service acct, and run "lastcomm" command
shows that samba has the highest CPU load value , then ndsd, and kavmonitor

is this a known issue in OES ?