Hello all. I need help with LUM and C1. We enable LUM on our tech users
today to see about using SLED 10 to authenticate to eDir ldap. Once we
enable LUM for them, they still could not login to SLED with their eDir
account. So, we went in to look at their account in C1, and we get all
kinds of pop-up errors saying things like out of bounds and the like. Once
the errors all clear, we are left with once tab, and I believe it's the
other tab. I am assuming that all the errors were related to each tab on
the user object. So, we un-associated their ID from their GroupWise ID and
deleted and recreated their account. Now all is well again, but we have
not enabled LUM on them again. We then created a new user account and
enabled LUM on it, and that account will login just fine on the SLED 10 PC
via eDir LDAP auth. So, questions here are, why does enabling LUM on
accounts already created cause such problems with Console 1? And, will we
have to recreate all out user accounts in order to allow us to login to
SLED? That seems a bit much. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


Matthew Pierce
Microcomputer Specialist
Texas A&M University
Office of the Vice President for Research