I have a Linux OES server and I am trying to add another OES Linux box
for replication of the eDirectory. The new server has installed ok, but
certificates have not been created, and therefore ldap is not listening
on the correct ports... 389, 636.. ldap objects were created but for
whatever reasons I have issues and as far as I can tell the certificates
are not complete.

Before any eDirectory install I like to configure ntp and slp manually.
This is what I did with this box, but have encountered these issues.

So my two questions are. how do I fix these certificates.. and I cannot
create them manually for the new server because apparently the
certificate server is not reachable when I know this was working before

The second question is, what went wrong.. am I doing something the wrong
way or order.. should every box have certificate services running (this
does not sound logical as I would think only one CA is the way to go,
but I am really confused).

Really looking for assisstance.