Netware OES SP2 running GroupWise Webaccess agents.

We had a fan controller go bad on the server motherboard. I replaced it
with an identical motherboard, swapped the CPU and RAM from old

When the server booted, it could not connect to the network. ifconfig
showed no eth0 connection, even though it appeared in Yast. I'm guessing
this is because the NIC is embedded on the motherboard and has a different
MAC address??

From Yast, I deleted the NIC and reinstalled it. Network connectivity came
back and everything on the server appears to work, except:

1. I can no longer log into eDir. I can only log in as local root user. I
used to get the "admin" user in the left hand part of the login box, but now
I have nothing. If I log in and log out, admin comes back. I get a "login
failed. Could not return LDAP handle error"

2. RUG updates don't work. I deleted and recreated the channel but when I
try to activate it I get a "system could not be activated. IO Error Soup
Error - The SSL certificate is not yet activated (6)"

I'm guessing these are related and both will be fixed with one solution.
What do I do next?