Hi there,

I have a newly-installed OES SP2 box. I subscribed to the update channels,
didn't realise that I wasn't actually supposed to use them, and downloaded
all the updates, including eDir 8.8.

The problem now is that while eDirectory is loading OK and
functioning, I can't seem to complete the upgrade to 8.8. When I go into
eDirectory via YaST/Network Services, it reads the eDirectory and LDAP
settings, prompts me for the admin username/password, goes to the next
screen and when it gets to "Start and upgrade eDirectory DIB using
"ndsconfig"" it throws up an error saying "unable to upgrade eDirectory
DIB". Then it bombs back to YaST.

What can I do about this? This is our main file server, and we are running
eDirectory 8.8 across our other servers.