Hi again.

Having setup a test tree on it's own for OES Linux, I am trying to migrate
the data (and trustees) over from Netware 5.

I am using v4. version of the tool. Going through the tool I
receive the following 5 errors;

1] Invalid SMS RPM - I can update the rpm as per help message.
2] NFS name space not loaded on the source servers volume - Not clear as to
how I can achieve this.
3] Copying from a unsupported version of Netware, only servers with a
version of atleast 5.1 are supported by this utility. This is a Killer.
We have Netware 5.0 servers and not being able to migrate data with rights
4] Invalid NSS Modules. You have NSS volumes on you source server, If you
are goint to migrate them to the new server, you will first need to update
your NSS modules on the source server to the latest version for this server
version. Where can I obtain the relevant NSS modules from for Netware 5.0sp6a?
5]The destination NLM's can't be loaded. There was a problem loading the
NLM's from the destination server.

I would appreciate your help on the above.

Thank you.