Just a warning, I am a newbie to this.

I received activation codes from Novell and think I now have the correct
information. Installed OES SP2 Linux a couple of months ago, but now I
can't patch. Never have been able to patch.

I am following TID: 10097537 to activate system.

I enter root with SU - command and enter password
Then I enter: rug SL and get the Novell update site as specified in TID.

Then I enter: rug activate -s 1 <activate code> my@email
The I receive the following error message
Warning: System could not be activated: Activation not found.

What do I do next?????

I'm really frustrated with this activation thing. It looks simple
following instructs but when it doesn't work. Urghhhh!!!! I can't find any
TIDs to help me get past this error, but hoping someone can direct me in
right direction.

What can I try next? These are single servers and not part of a cluster.