this was my stets:
1. install OES_SP2 from the CD
2. without reboot run RUG (over GUI) and update all
3. reboot server
and user admin can not log to the server

after this log as root.
/etc/init.d/ndsd status
and see this errors:
/etc/init.d/ndsd: line 326: 13708 Segmentation fault $bindirndsstat
>/tmp/nds.stat.$$ 2>&1

/etc/init.d/ndsd: line 326: 13711 Segmentation fault $bindirndsstat -h
'hostname' >/tmp/nds.stat.$$ 2>&1

in the /var/nds/ndsd.log i see:
sh: line 1: /var/novell/nici/nicimud: No such file or directory
NICI Initialization failed: -1497, Exiting...

but, when i do:
rpm -qa | grep -i "nici"
i see:

What can i do ??