I have a test OES linux server that I have been playing with to learn linux. I installed all of the patches in red carpet and rebooted and everything seems ok but now when I go into yast I get a ton of dependancy errors.

Novell-cluster services 1.8.2-33 conflict. It wants me to downgrade from 1.8.2-76 to 1.8.2-33. I dont even use cluster services and didnt install patch 11218.

Its asking me to select a kernel required by novell-sms-zapishim requires kernel 2.6.5-7.244. My options are kernel-default, kernel-bigsmp, kernel debug, kernel-smp.

Since its a test server and not in production I chose to downgrade the cluster service and install the default kernel. I then get errors saying that adminfs, novell-cluster-services-km and novell-sms-zapishim need to be downgraded.

Anyone know what I did wrong on this? Like I said I'm still learning linux so any advice welcome.


Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.