I posted this by accident in the opensuse patches forum. I am reposting it here since this is where I think it should be. Sorry for the repost.

Ok. I'm still using OES linux is test mode. I guess I dont understand the update procedure or something on OES. It seems that whenever I use Red Carpet to install patches. Then I go into Yast to install new software I get dependancy errors that want me to downgrade components.

Currently I have a brand new server OES sp2. I installed Rug Patch 11147. Now when I open Yast it tells me rdc-modules 2.4.9-1.3 conflict. And wants me to downgrade rcd-modules-2.4.9-1.4 to version 2.4.9-1.3.

What am I doing wrong?????

Dennis St. James
Network Administrator
Lionel L.L.C.