I am really desperate. I am tryin to to familiarize myself with OES on
Linux, but the beast won't let me get close.

I have a NW 65 SP5 box merrily humming as master, and I install a OES
SP2 box into the same context.E-directory installation works fine, I can
see a replica being instaled on the OES penguin, but that's as far as I get.

I could not LUM enable anyone; I accessed the Yast module "Linux User
Management config" , went through all steps to face the reply " Error ,
failed to modify nsswitch.conf. Add nam keyword on passwd: and group:
lines manually" => clever, but what's the syntax !!

iManager is not available; I simply get a "connection refused" when I
try http://localhost from the server. apache2 and Tomcat4 are running. I
can though reach https://localhost:8030 to access DHost.

I have uses Suse linux quite some time, and I have worked with Netware
from 2.12 on, but combining these two still is a mystery to me.

Please help me before I wipe out the Drives and go for opensource only !!