We experience some problems with LUM. Once in a while the process will
freeze the server until it become unsable. We are not able to
authenticate in SSH. The system is not crash but it is so slow. It can
take 20 minutes to answer a simple ls command. If I ever get trough
restarting LUM everything comes back as normal (for a while).

Now, I don't see nothing in the nam.log file.

What I see are some

nds_nss_GetFDNfromCN: failed to init socket, status = -1

in the /var/log/messages file

Also, what is the nam folder. Some of my servers have
/var/lib/novell-lum and some have /var/nam .

Finally, namcd take a long time to stop.

My servers have novell-lum-2.2.0-63 installed.

Thanks a lot,

Louis-Steve Desjardins