Hi there,

background: We have licensed "Small business suite 9" and 3 copies of
"SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 X86_64". I want to set up Linux as a
windows primary domain controller with Samba, eDirectory and NUM as
described here: http://wiki.novell.com/index.php/OES_as_PDC

Problem: When i install via Small-business media (and update via
Yast-Online update) i do not get LUM, all the novell-plugins in Yast2 (e.g.
"novell-samba") and the samba-enabled eDirectory. Same when i install via
"SUSE Linux enterprise Server 9 SP2" media.

Only when i install via "OES X86_32 trail" i get all those tools that i want.

Please advice.

Thanks in advance,