Hello, I posted the following a couple of weeks ago but failed to supply
the nds/edirectory versions - I have these now and would appreciate any
ideas as to why I can't carry over Trustee rights of normal users from
NW6.5sp5 to OES Linux. Admins rights are carried over without any issues.

Edirectory on Linux is with sp2 and Edirectory/NDS on NW6.5sp5 is
10552.79, and their respective versions arr 6.50:4 and 6.50:5.

--original thread---
Further to my ongoing testing of migration to OES Linux, I setup a new
Netware 6.5 tree (with sp3) and managed to migrate both data and users over
from a Netware 5.0 tree. Files and permissions looked to have been
transferred without any issues.

However, when migrating data from Netware 6.5 to OES Linux server in the
same tree, the trustee rights are lost and instead the OES Linux server
appears the trustee on all files.

What can I achieve to overcome this scenario?