I have encountered an interesting error and I am wondering if anyone else
on the list has seen this (or know how to get around it). When I look at
the patch list under red carpet for patch-11276 it shows ERROR under the
importance column. In line command mode the importance shows up as
a '?'. When I try to highlight the patch to look at information I get the
following in a pop-up window:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/opt/gnome/share/red-carpet/red_serverlistener.py", line 194, in
t1 = server.rcd.packsys.world_sequence_numbers()
File "/opt/gnome/share/red-carpet/red_packagearray.py", line 190, in
KeyError: 'importance_str'

I'm not able to do anything with that individual patch. Any ideas or
suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.