Server running iManager = OES SP2 for SuSE Linux 9 (Call it Server OES)
eDirectory verion
iManager version 2.5.2
Tree = IP address of Server A

"(Error -669) An invalid password was used, authentication failed, one
server tried to synchronize with another one but the target server's
database was locked, or a problem exists with the remote ID or public key."

Server A is a NetWare server, and I can login directly to the server
console without error.

I have recently changed my eDirectory/Universal password using iManager >
Change Universal Password.

When I initially installed Server OES, I used my eDirectory account when
installing eDirectory onto the server. And although I don't have a local
user account on the server, I do have a /home/my_user home directory.

I thought the problem was related to some of the user environment variables
that I may have residing on Server OES. If this is the case, how do I blow
them away so that only my LUM-enabled eDirectory account is being used on
the Linux server?