We have had an SLES 9/OES server in production for about 2 years as an
FTP server. We used LUM so that we could just LUM enable eDirectory users
rather than create hundreds of new FTP users locally.

Early on, the server was fairly fast on uploads and downloads. Now (two
years later with many more users and many directories going several
directories deep) there is a serious slowdown on uploads. Downloads
continue to be very fast. The FTP server is vsftpd 1.x.

The directory structure is also kind of unique based on our business
requirements. All employees have their home directory set to the same
place and LUM groups grant them access to the folders under this "home"
folder. All users are chrooted within vsftpd so that they cannot traverse
up higher than this point in the directory tree.

Any idea why this has gotten so slow for uploads? Is it doing an LDAP
call for each file uploaded to check that the user has permission to
upload the file to the directory?

As far as I can tell there are no upload/download bandwidth restrictions
(at the moment I'm just testing on the internal LAN so there shouldn't be

Anyone have any ideas?