We have a Novell SLES Sp3 + OES sp2 Fileserver with an nss volume.
There are 2 folders on that nss drive which have a problem.
Their contents disapear from time to time in Windows Explorer. I'm
logging the rights (rights show -f /media/nss/DATA/some/stuff) of the
folder and it's contents and nothing seems to change. The subfolders
reapear instantly if I navigate in ConsoleOne to the folder.

Users have reported that login of and on doesn't help and they told me
that on two diffenrent Clients the folders are visible on the first one
while they are unvisible on the second machine. (I haven't verified
these effects)

Bottom line:
Contents of a netdrive disapear in Explorer, rights unchanged, contents
visible on the shell.

Help !