Hello Everyone,

Currently I have a OES Cluster with 1.5 TB of space on a reiserfs file
system. Over the past 5 months that file system has become corrupt 3
times and we have lost some data and had to restore from backup.
Originally we thought that this was a problem with the fiber channel HBA
connected to our SAN so we moved all the cluster resources to another
machine and the problem occurred again on the second machine... We have
contacted our SAN vendor and they have assured us that there is no
issues with the SAN and one of their support folks has seen this problem
with large file systems using reiserfs. Since the whole incident with
Hans Reiser and Novell switching to ext3 as the default file system I
wanted to see what everyone else was using for large file systems... Is
there anyone who has an NSS Volume with 1.5TB or larger Volumes?? I
would like to know what other's experiences are... Just as a future
reference, the 1.5TB will be upgraded to 8TB within the next year so
future expansion is a must!!!