Here's our setup.

We had a Novell 6 sp3 server in a tree. We added a OES Linux SP2 server to
the tree and now our novell server is running fine for a couple of days
and then we get across the screen can't communicate with the oes server and
the novell server doesn't respond to a ping but has not abended. It's
almost like the oes server is flooding the novell server. We are eventually
removing the novell server but we noticed another problem when the novell
server fails no one can log into the tree even though the oes server in the
same tree. Even when we use the ip address of the oes server we still can't
authenicate to the tree.

But when the novell server is up and I manually point my client to the oes
server I can login no problem. The login script runs and drives are mapped
to the oes server.

Would it be a slp problem, but I figured using the ip address of the oes
server in the novell client should be enough.