I've patched an OES Linux server from SP1 to SP2 using patch CDs. It's
running eDir, iFolder, and iManager and that's it. When I go into YaST
--> Network Services --> eDirectory I get a screen saying eDir is
present on the server and do I want to reconfigure, update, or abort.
Either non-abort option bombs out at the authentication section. For
example if I update then I get an authentication failure at the
existing server information screen. The exact error from ndsconfig is:

Unable to login. Please make sure you have provided the correct
Authentication failed
Login failed:Error = -669

If I select reconfigure then it fails to authenticate to a remote
server with a replica. I know I'm not mistyping the account and

The server is timesyncing correctly and SLP looks like it is working
too. If I bounce the server then during system startup I get the
folowing error when eDir starts up:

eDirectory LDAP server TCP port is not listening

The firewall is not configured and tcp 389, 524, and 636 are open when
I run a scan against the server. The server seems fully patched as
there are only optional and recommended updates with nothing checked by
default when I go into patch CD section. Does anyone have some advice?