I have a few applications that run off the network that don't seem to
run correctly. You launch the app, it starts to load but part way through
I get a error saying it can't find all the files necessary to run.

We are running OES Linux SP2,NSS volume and the clients are WinXP Sp2 with
4.91Sp2 client.

I found TID mention long name space on the NSS volume and to make sure that
the "L" in the word long under \etc\fstab is lower case. The default seems
to be upper.

I changed the fstab and dismounted/remounted the volume. That fixes most of
the apps except for one which has Excel Add-ins that are located on the OES
and they can't be local on the PC.

Same thing the apps loads and part will work and other will fail but if I
browse to the location to where the file is it will start working and it'
random as well. Some days it works and others it won't I even rebuild one
of the machines but that didn't help.

This problem started when we migrated from Netware 6.0 to OES SP2.

Any help would be great.