Don't know if i'am in the right group, if not sorry, but here goes ...
We are currently running nw6.5 with zenworks 6.5, we are now looking to
our upgrade path and from a Novell point of view it seems we will have
to go down the road of Suse Enterprise Server –
which leads to a few questions
is e-dir installed with Suse Enterprise Server or does it have to be
bought /installed seperate
is iprintingimplemented in Suse Enterprise Server
we have some apps that use either Foxpro or dBase tables – anyone know
of any issues with hosting these tables on Suse Enterprise Server
from a client point of view [XP Clients] can i use the NW client 4.9 or
do i have to use a Linux client
is cifs supported
have been informed that Suse Enterprise Server is only really for
internet servers and not really suitable for replacing my current NW
6.5 servers setup
is opportunistic locking implemented in Suse Enterprise Server
with regards to zenworks 7 can u tell me the the admin tools that are
used for it, i presume console one is not used and there are plugins
for iManager

Any help/advice would be appreciated as the powers that be seem to
think that its best that we turn to the dark side, but i'd rather not,
if they can be convinced that Novells Suse Enterprise Server can
achieve the same as our current setup then there may be hope

Thanks again