I have 5 OES Linux SP2 boxes. Novell Remote Manager (httpstkd) was working on all of them, but now one has ceased functioning. The module loads and unloads fine, but when I try to login, the browser just hangs, never bringing up the login screen. I see nothing in /var/log/messages relating to this. If I stop the service (rcnovell-httpstkd stop) while the browser is hung, it just tells me that the server was reset while the page was loading.

I just tried this again (tried to login -- stopped the service and restarted it -- clicked "retry), and this time I did get a login page, but it would not allow me to login with my fdn, although logging in as "root" did work.

Does anyone have any clues or any debugging actions I can try? I have the NRM Administration Guide for Linux, but it doesn't give many clues for debugging if it is not working.

Dennis R. Crowther, CNE