I have a Suse 9 OES box that allows for remote administration using ssh,
Remote Manager, iMonitor, iManager, and VNC.

This box frequently has problems withe some of the mentioned remote tools.

SSH will allow me to authenticate (I use the local passwd file) but it will
not give me a command prompt (it seems to hang after the auth).

Also, VNC will allow me the authenticate but X only presents me with a grey
screen and a mouse cursor. This screen is blank so there isn't a way to
auth using VNC.

While all of this is occurring I can use Remote Manager, iMonitor, and
iManager without incident, these tools work just fine all of the time.

I have combed /var/log/messages and the other log files present in the
Yast2 log file reader but cannot find the problem. I have also noted NCP
connections to the server and monitored the server's health agents using
Remote Manager and have not found a cause of these issues.

Any help is greatly appreciated.