I am still having problems running applications of the network. As I
mentioned before I am running OES Linux SP2 with the 4.91 SP3 client.I
tried it with 4.91sp2 as well no difference. With and without caching on
the client.

Problem seems to come and go. You launch the app and if fails to load and I
get a error about missing files. Other times when you try to use the app
once loaded it gives you another error about missing files. But if browse
to the directory to where the app is located through explorer without
closing down the app and then try again it works.

This problem started when we moved from Netware 6.0 to OES Linux.

Any help would be great. Someone mentioned a hotfix. Where do I get this
from? Do I have to call Novell directly and will I be charged for tech support?